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It is possible to obtain a fair child support decision

If you are in the process of going through a North Carolina divorce, you may be concerned about your children receiving the financial support they need to be successful in life. The harsh reality of divorce can often leave single-parent families with diminished financial resources -- but your kids do not need to suffer because you have chosen to dissolve your marriage. With the appropriate child support agreement, your children can enjoy a secure standard of living and achieve their true potential.

Methods used for calculating child support in North Carolina

Do you know how your North Carolina child support values are calculated? Although these values may seem arbitrary, actual formulas exist to promote equality and fairness while still managing the best interests of the child. Child support is often necessary to maintain a certain quality of life for children, so it is important for parents to understand just how the court calculates the amount owed.

Facebook evidence increasingly used in child support cases

Parents beware: Facebook could betray you in a North Carolina courtroom. A growing number of child support cases are currently involving evidence from Facebook that refutes parents' assertions that they are too poor to provide financial assistance. The stakes in these cases may be higher than you think. Bragging about your income on Facebook and other social media sites can lead to felony charges for failing to pay your child support balance.

How can child support be used? Answers from experts

Where does your child support money go? For many North Carolina parents, it seems like a mystery. In an era in which kids are starting "enrichment" activities such as piano lessons, soccer teams and art classes earlier and earlier, it may seem as though child support payments should increase to support those causes. However, experts say that parents who want to pursue such enrichment activities should be prepared to pay for them on their own, instead of simply demanding more child support. In other words, child support can only be used for specific, basic purchases.

North Carolina county has different take on child support

Child support enforcement: Even the term sounds intimidating. Although lawmakers around the country are attempting to crack down on the so-called "deadbeat" parents that do not pay their child support, advocates say that an adversarial approach is not always the best method. In fact, North Carolina officials say they have experienced far more success in recovering child support from those who are educated and feel supported by their own communities. That is why Mecklenburg County Child Support Enforcement workers are taking steps to promote fathers' rights and help non-custodial parents learn more about their child support options.

Man arrested after 5 years, owes half-million in child support

Imagine owing more than a half-million dollars in overdue child support. Although few North Carolina residents fall into this category, one Midwestern man is facing serious legal ramifications after reportedly refusing to pay more than $550,000 in court-mandated child support costs. The man, age 52, was arrested in uptown Chicago after successfully avoiding law enforcement officers for longer than five years.

Beyonce's dad faces thousands in overdue child support

Worldwide superstar and entertainment sensation Beyonce Knowles has a half-brother who needs food stamps to eat. The boy, whose father is the same as Beyonce's, has ostensibly suffered because of his dad's non-compliance with child support and other court-ordered actions. It appears that even the nation's wealthiest families -- perhaps even those in North Carolina -- can still be affected by serious family law issues.

Child support enforcement system still on the rocks

Legal experts and parents acknowledge the difficulty in collecting child support from errant parents. These costs can expand exponentially if state systems are not adequately designed to accommodate child support collection. That appears to be the case in one of North Carolina's neighboring states, as the jurisdiction works to resolve legal problems that are restricting its use of an existing child support enforcement program.

Former NBA star jailed for unpaid child support

Hammering out achild support agreement is not necessarily a pleasant process, but it may be necessary as a part of your divorce or break-up to ensure that your kids receive the financial resources they need. Child support is often viewed as a chore for the payer, who may think that the receiving parent does not deserve the money. Conversely, the recipient may feel as though he or she must fight tooth and nail to obtain the funds necessary to provide for the children. Even though child support is recognized as an inconvenience, many people may not realize that their decision to avoid payments in North Carolina could actually result in criminal action.

Greensboro mayor contests overdue child support

The mayor of Greensboro, North Carolina, will pay his ex-wife nearly $2,000 in overdue post-separation support for the month of July. The child support and alimony court hearing for Robbie Perkins and his ex-wife has been delayed until August 5, but the man will make arrangements with his daughter's school to pay for tuition and other fees.

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