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Highest level of military divorce in 12 years

They go through the unthinkable. The men and women of America's armed forces have fought countless battles in the last decade, witnessing things many of us couldn't think of. Years of service can take a toll on the members of the military and their families. Now, after fighting in conflicts thousands of miles from home, soldiers are returning home to try to reunite their families and make up for lost times.

Unfortunately, sometimes changes over the period of their deployment make it difficult for some couples to stay together. This year marked the highest military divorce rate since 1999. An army chaplain told the USA Today, families are coming together who aren't used to being together. This causes strain in many different ways.

Culture shock, as well as not being on constant high alert, and having to readjust to completely different responsibilities from those of the battlefield may be some stresses that service members incur when coming home.

Overall the military divorce rate was at 3.7 percent, but the individual branches of the armed forces varied. The Air Force had the highest rate of 3.9 percent and the Navy had the lowest at 3.6 percent. According to the Pentagon, the divorce rate for the Marine Corps remained the same since last year.

The strains military service can have on a family are difficult to deal with. Should divorce be the best option, an experienced divorce attorney can help the couple deal with splitting up in a fair and respectful manner.

Source: USA Today, "Military divorce rate at highest level since 1999," Gregg Zoroya, Dec. 14, 2011

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